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Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to Survive Your Child Choosing to Study Aboard

When your son or daughter first tells you that they have decided to study abroad you may be thrilled at the opportunity that has become available to them. Prior to and during their study abroad program, be sure to provide time and resources for yourself so you can help them during this exciting time in their life.

  1. Prior to your child leaving, make sure you have warned them about all the dangers of living in a foreign country. Also tell them about ALL of your concerns & fears. They will roll their eyes. They will say "MOM" or "DAD" but do it anyway. Prepare them as much as possible with your experience.

  2. Also before they leave make sure they have left you with a decent address, phone number and a few deposit tickets...well you know why for that! Tell them to pack light & when they leave, try out those margaritas...www.ifood.tv/recipe/frozen_margarita for image credits & recipe.

  3. Establish a weekly time when you will meet using AIM or SKYPE connection. Try not to be too concerned if your child has discovered the margaritas & it is apparent on the connection. After all, they are overseas! (Of course consult officials immediately if there are ANY safety concerns.)

  4. When your son or daughter tells you their wallet including all credit cards , cash and identification such as drivers license has been stolen. No worries, you are prepared. Just pop down to the local FEDEX office and Zip, just like that, a few days later, they have all of your extra cash. Try not to think about it too much. Overanalysis at this juncture is probably useless as again, they are out of reach.

  5. Celebrate their return when the program is completed. Your child will be so appreciative of you when they come home that the entire experience will have (hopefully) been well worth it. Anticipate big bear hugs and HAPPY yells of "Mom" "DAD" once they see you & even if they don't say the words, know they are thinking them. Usually it will be you tearfully crying as you see their worn jeans and backpacks & sleep deprived faces coming down the escalator to you. Try not to embarrass them too much when you shout their name & hug them tightly. Take solice in their newfound understanding and appreciation of the world around them.

source : eHow

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